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I was a bit skeptical at first but now I'm obsessed. The infrared sauna and the Turbosonic machine have given me my energy back and I just feel better. I sleep better, my appetite changed slightly for better, I don't experience as much sciatic pain. This coupled with regular exercise is great.
Highly qualified, knowledgeable, professional and friendly personnel. A warm welcome on arrival to comfortable, relaxing and clean surroundings. My therapist listened to my issues and applied perfect pressure to suite my needs. Thoroughly enjoyed the infrared sauna. Be good to yourself and book a massage or some other relaxing experience here!!
- Kristin Wilson Montanero,
I had the most wonderful therapeutic massage today. I was in so much pain before I walked in. I absolutely love Internal Harmony and will be back!
- Carey Hettmannsperger,
Got a massage with Nancy -- THIS WAS THE BEST MESSAGE I've EVER had! She listened to my needs, worked with my body, and didn't just "routine" massage me. She was GREAT!!!! Will be back regularly!
- Joe Giordano ,
Beautiful. Clean. Amazing staff. Relaxing environment and just whats needed to unwind and release the tension caused by day to day stressors. Body wraps, massage, cleanse, ultrasonic vibration, vitamin D....this place has got what we ALL need! Linwood's little hidden treasure. Love this place and everything about it!
- Shannon Pendlebury Cohen ,
A great establishment for getting your spirit, mind and body back to knowing yourself.
- Brian Moragne,
I want to thank Internal Harmony and my therapist for a wonderful experience I had today getting my first Black Baltic Mud Body Wrap!! It was amazing !! I will be back soon!! Love this place!!
- Debbie Ward,
Internal harmony helped me immensely with my health! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the atmosphere relaxing. The services here are like any other and the prices are lower than competitors. The treatments they offer can provide immediate and long term help with health solutions.
- Lori Rice,
A fabulous experience! From the moment I walked in the door, I felt at ease with the knowledgeable staff and serene environment. The front desk was very thorough in explaining the services offered (which ALL sound amazing). My hydrotherapist provided a wonderful experience, explaining every step of the hydrotherapy process, which was new to me. She made me feel so comfortable. I would recommend this location to anyone, and plan on coming back!
- Jenni Nagle,
Walking into the spa gave me such a relaxed feeling, then my massage therapist gave such an incredible massage! She talked with me and found out what my main needs were and then actually gave a massage based on those needs! Can't wait for more massages and treatments!! -
- Brandi Giordano,
This is not just another spa! Internal Harmony has created the perfect combination between relaxation and detoxification. All of the therapies are designed to cleanse someone from head to toe - skin, colon, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system and probably more. I've used every machine and had several massages. I feel the lasting effects everyday. We will definitely be back!
- Toni Brooks,
What a wonderful experience! I enjoyed 90 minutes of pure bliss. A Therapeutic massage (and believe me she worked those knots out) followed by a session in the Infrared Sauna. I felt relaxed and refreshed at the same time. I definitely had more pep in my step when I left. They even let me try the Turbosinc Vibration Therapy. I'll be back!
- Heather Lynn,
Internal Harmony is unlike any other place I have ever been to. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and take the time out to explain the different services to you. They help you make the best choice for your particular needs.
- Charlie Miller,
Awesome place for overall holistic health needs! I get my colonic & Vitamin D therapy every month....love it! Their “Angel of Water” hydrotherapy system allows me privacy and creates a much more comfortable experience. Their boutique spa setting relaxes you the second you walk in the door.
- Diane Z,

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