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Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy Treatments are temporarily discontinued due to changes the NJ state board has made since the initial prohibition of body work services in 2020.
In order to continue offering our much needed, and unique wellness services, and avoid possible future shut down, we have determined it is best for us to hold off on offering Massage services for the time being. We look forward to being able to serve you in this capacity in the future!
Until then, please take the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the other amazing, wellness enhancing and life changing services we are currently offering. 

Therapeutic Massage

The perfect treatment for those that have specific areas of concern, minor pain or discomfort associated with muscle tension and stress. This massage targets your areas of concern to help heal as well as revitalize the body. Specifically catering to your body's needs creates a personalized service catering to your needs.
(50 minutes)  $80      (75 minutes)  $105      (90 minutes) $120

Relaxation Massage

This relaxing massage focuses on the superficial layers of the muscles using gentle flowing strokes. This massage is perfect for relieving stress and promotes a sense of well-being and serenity. This in turn can help support the healthy function of the immune system, promote sleep, relieve stress and support energy levels.
(50 minutes)  $70      (75 minutes)  $95      (90 minutes) $110

Deep Tissue

Our Deep Tissue Massage is a special blend of techniques that specifically targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Firm pressure addresses tension and discomfort in over used muscles and tender stress related pressure points. Consistent deep tissue massage can help improve a myriad of conditions beyond muscle pain,
including tension headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sciatica.
(50 minutes)  $85      (75 minutes)  $110      (90 minutes) $125

Prenatal Massage

Specifically designed to nurture the mommy-to-be, your therapist will help ease the effects of pregnancy by positioning you comfortably with a specially designed maternity pillow.   (2nd&3rd trimester only)
(50 minutes) $70

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

(Pre-/Post Cosmetic Surgery)
Cosmetic Surgery Lymphatic Drainage massage is a specialized treatment that is highly recommended pre- and post- plastic surgery and post-liposuction. It can also help with cellulite treatments, breast augmentation, scar tissue, spider veins, and reduce swelling after cosmetic facelifts, eye lid surgeries, etc.
(50 minutes)  $90

Digestive Massage

Modern medicine has found that acupressure can effectively regulate the digestive system and strengthen its ability to break down food, absorb nutrients, and eliminate waste. This treatment includes abdominal massage and acupressure on the lower legs and feet which can alleviate gas and digestive issues, as well as strengthen underlying muscle tissue.
(25 minutes)  $30      (50 minutes)  $60
The perfect treatment prior to your colonic

Full Body Sugar Scrub

Jojaba, olive and safflower oils are combined with sugar to scrub away impurities and dead skin cells. After rinsing off in our rainfall shower you will receive a customized moisturizing application leaving you with silky skin & youthful glow.
(50 minutes) $70 Add our relaxation massage for 90 minutes of bliss $125

Black Baltic Mud Body Wrap

Black Baltic Mud is extremely rich and packed with minerals which detoxify as well as encourage cell regeneration. After the Baltic Mud is applied you are wrapped in warming mylar and will enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. After rinsing off in our rainfall shower and you will receive a customized moisturizing application
(50 minutes) $70 Add our relaxation massage for 90 minutes of bliss $125
Combine our Full Body Sugar Scrub and Baltic Mud Wrap for ultimate skin rejuvenation. (90 minutes) $145

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