Committed to Creating an Oasis of Health

We are committed to creating a healing and nurturing environment for our clients. We provide gentle colon hydrotherapy as well as complementary detox modalities and unique products and services including Body Wraps and Far Infrared Sauna.. We provide education and unconditional support with respect to every client for their own life choices. We want our clients to feel we are an oasis of health in the midst of a toxic world.

FDA Approved, State of the Art Equipment

At Internal Harmony, we maintain the highest level of sanitation through disposable equipment. We also use the most modern state-of-the-art colonics equipment called the Angel  of Water. 


Complementary Modalities

We at Internal Harmony Wellness Center in Cherry Hill NJ, besides offering state of the art colonics are also proud to offer a unique Far Infrared Sauna system to offer even more health benefits to our valued clients.

Trained and Certified Staff

Our staff is highly trained in colon therapy, and includes bodywork with each session. Everyone in our office is I-ACT (International Association of Colon Therapists) certified.

Internal Harmony Wellness Center of Cherry Hill NJ.

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